Edgewood Men's Club is an organization open to the public that plays golf at Edgewood Golf Course located on the far north side of Fargo, North Dakota. Every Tuesday night from Spring thru Fall men of all ages and skill levels sign up to play a competitive but friendly game of golf. During the summer months with a lot of daylight, play begins with a 6:00 PM shotgun start. During the early Spring and late Fall days, the games begin at an earlier time. All Tuesday golf is played as a team game. Each team consists of an A, B, C and D player. These different levels are based on your average handicap. If you have a lower handicap (more experienced golfer) you are more likely to be an A or B player. If you are a beginner, you would probably be in the D player category. In addition to the Tuesday golf, the Men's Club put's on tournaments exclusively for members.

2014 Tournament Schedule:

**See date change for Top 32!

May  18  Sunday      Season long 4ball 1st Round
May  24  Saturday    Spring Scramble
June 7   Satuday      2Man Bestball
**July 29     Tuesday     Midsummer 1:00 SG
Aug 9     Satuday      Club Championship
Sept 7    Sunday       2Man Triple Event
Sept 28  Sunday       3Man Scramble 9:30 Shotgun
Oct 5      Sunday       Sr Jr Event 8:00 tee times
**Oct 12 Sunday       Top 32
Oct 14    Tuesday      2Man Scramble 1:00 SG and Fall Banquet

2014 Tuesday Night Schedule:

4/15   Scramble off the Tee-4 out of 4 scores
4/22   A's together, B's together, C's together and D's together-Bestball 2 of 4 scores
4/29   3 out of 4 scores
5/6     Scramble use own ball on par 3's-4 out of 4 scores
5/13   Chicago Points
5/20   A/B Bestball, C/D Bestball
5/27   3 out of 4 scores
6/3     Chicago Points
6/10   A/B's together, C/D's together-3 out of 4 scores
6/17   Scramble off the tee-Chicago Points
6/24   Chicago Points
7/1     3 out of 4 scores
7/8     Midsummer- 1:00 Shotgun Start
7/15   Chicago Points
7/22   A's together, B's together, C's together, D's together-Chicago Points
7/29   Scramble use own ball on par 3's-4 out of 4 scores
8/5     AB Bestball, CD Bestball
8/12   Chicago Points
8/19   3 out of 4 scores
8/26   Scramble off the tee-Chicaco Points
9/2     A's together, B's together, C's together, D's together
9/9     Chicago Points
9/16   AB scramble, CD scramble
9/23   3 out of 4 scores
9/30   Chicago Points
10/7   Scramble
10/14  Two Man Scramble-1:00 Shotgun. Fall Banquet after
10/21  Pro's Choice
10/28  Pro's Choice


Men's Club Announcements
EMC Top 32 Tee Times
            Tee #1     8:00 am
    Travis Almer
    Tim Barrus
    Darin Folsom
    Matt Hall

            Tee #1     8:10 am
    Jeff Aikens
    Dan Dumas
    David Middaugh
    Qin Ni

            Tee #1     8:20 am
    Lee Petersen
    Jim Carley
    Bruce Fasteen
    Gary Dillard

            Tee #1     8:30 am
    Tom Erdmann
    Jason D Miller
    Jim Basaraba
    Perry J Peyerl

            Tee #1     8:40 am
    Paul Thibedeau
    Duane Rindy
    Kevin Meyer
    Pat Mcmullen

            Tee #1     8:50 am
    Mark Kosin
    Troy Cody
    Scott Sorvaag
    Bill Short

            Tee #1     9:00 am
    Dave Schmidt
    Dan Brekke
    Randy Hanten
    Randy Hartog








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